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An Open Door is Closing

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Part of the foreword of the book by art critic and writer Lisbeth Bonde: “The paintings in the Ditte Ejlerskov’s hybrid manual, An Open Door is Closing, appear as film stills or photo documentations of scenes from a life lived, while the pictographs are guidelines that bind the narrative in chapters. Strangely enough, the book’s dry and pragmatic appearance works in favor of the books content which – like a docu-soap – explores the relationship between man and woman. Is it a manual that gives advice on tackling a complicated love affair, we wonder in our encounter with this atypical book. The paintings run indexically, since they seem to refer to a photographic source, that is, to a now which existed when it was immortalised on the light-sensitive paper and then painted. Therefore the book is also about representation – about how we construct our images of reality. “The photo imparts to the instant a posthumous shock” as Roland Barthes wrote in his renowned book of photography Camera Lucida – by which he means that it both celebrates and seals a moment (an act, an instant) that is already in the past… 

… Ditte Ejlerskov unfolds therefore a modern tale in archetypical robes, but it is worth noting that the story is her excuse to explore the form and colors of painting. The tale is subject to the image in continuation of the Danish painter Asger Jorn’s credo: “In the beginning was the image”.

Language: English

Released 2011

Edition: 700 copies 

(including 30 special editions)

ISBN: 978-91-633-6251-4

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