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Stella and Florence’s Syndrome

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The video-publication Stella and Florence’s Syndrome is created by Søren Aagaard, Steffen Jørgensen, Anna Margrethe Pedersen, Merete Vyff Slyngborg og Ditte Boen Soria – the artists behind the Copenhagen exhibition space YEARS. 

Stella and Florence’s Syndrome was recorded at Inter Art Center during the exhibition period of Some Objects Are More Equal Than Others, and has the shape of an intimate, guided tour. 

While at the same time being a romantic movie the project also challenge the format of the exhibition catalogue and of the publication all together. On the finissage of Some Objects Are More Equal Than Others the movie Stella and Florence’s Syndrome was presented as an integrate part of the exhibition and released on DVD. The music for the film is composed by artist Peter Birkholm (DK).

Language: Danish with English subtitles

Released 2013

Edition: 350 copies

ISBN: 978-91-980977-1-9

Actors: Peter Christoffersen (DK) and Stefania Omarsdottir (DK)

Camera: Gry Friis (DK)

Sound: Martin Dirkov (DK)

Music: Peter Birkholm (DK)

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